I Came Across Michi Gabbi on Instagram

I came across Michi Gabbi on Instagram whilst searching for my perfect wedding dress. As I live in the UK, I was nervous about ordering a dress I had never seen in person or tried on. I also wasn’t sure whether I could trust Michi as her gowns looked too good to be true! However, seeing the feedback from other brides (plus having an auntie who lived in Lagos helped!)

I went ahead and gave precise measurements to Michi, who helped me choose a design. She also kept in touch with me regarding the progress of the dress and made some helpful suggestions. When I received my dress, I was so relieved to find that it fit absolutely perfectly.

To this day, 2 years post my wedding, I haven’t stopped receiving compliments on my dress. People thought it looked a lot more expensive than it was!

I would definitely not hesitate to point my future friends in Michi’s direction as she was utterly superb!

Email: i.c.eneje@hotmail.co.uk<br>
Phone No.: 07860667810

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